Web- & Graphics Design, Photography, copywriting & Digital Communication

I’m Rasmus Bak, a multimedia designer based in Aalborg, Denmark.

I aim to help you create a visual and online connection between you and your customers.

My goal is to help you optimize your visual and online identity to create a better connection with your customers. I thrive when being a part of the visual phase of creative projects working with UI/UX, graphic design, photography and content creation.


I’ve created Clickidy to pursue my dream of becoming a full-time freelance designer.

Design for
web & Mobile

Research to understand the needs of your users, designing responsive websites, and get it online with WordPress & Elementor.

copywriting & content strategy

Creating content and copywriting strategies to optimize your communication web copy, emails, and social media platforms.

Graphic &
Print design

Graphic and printable design; flyers, brochures, roll-up banners and much more to create a better conntection between you and your customers.


I haven’t had the most traditional career path, as I’ve valued experience and traveling more than starting a career – up until now. Despite this, I’ve gained some amazing experiences throughout my years, which I can implement into my journey of mine.

I’ve worked with the biggest companies in the world, like UI/UX Recruiter at Google and Sales Supporter at Microsoft in Dublin and as a travel agent at Hotels.com in Lisbon.

I’ve created my own company called Clickidy with the ultimate goal of working freelance or remote via a company – while working with creative projects; design, photography, and digital communication.

My biggest passions are traveling, music and football. Throughout the years I’ve learned to appreciate the smaller steps and experiences in life and that’s what I’m working towards.

It’s been a rocky ride, but I’m excited that you’re here to become a part of it, so reach out if you wish to connect or work together.


While I’m working on getting some more experience I practise a lot in my freetime to improve my skills. You can visit my Behance for projects related to design and my Instagram for photography and filmmaking work.